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“Testimonies: Women Under Occupation”

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

A series of videos of Women from Susiya and the ... more


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Tel-Aviv demo. anti democratic legislation

Activestills and Coalition of women for Peace 2006-2015 photo exhibition

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מדד הבטחון

Security of LBTQ women- women’s security index 2015

WSI – WOMEN’S SECURITY INDEX Israel is viewed as a safe haven for the LGBTQ community ... more

End Israeli impunity

End Israeli impunity is a new project from Coalition of women for peace that aims to expose the occupation oppressive policies in the occupied territories that work with impunity, and to create a civil mechanism ... more

Ten years to the Palestinian call for BDS, One year to the attack on Gaza

The BDS movement and its supporters in Israel have been subject in the past few years to increasingly more blatant and institutional forms of silencing and public demonization. First flagged by the extreme right, support ... more